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Search Apps from Google’s Android Market on!

Today is proud to announce a feature addition to our website that allows you to search for Android Apps from Google’s Android Market via our website Now you can search Google’s complete marketplace from our website in addition to reading more in-depth Android app reviews.


  • Keyword search + category browse for any app currently listed in Android Market
  • Web-based profile pages for each app, including price, description, screenshots and recent user feedback
  • One-click purchase from any Android handset plus “email to phone” buy links for Web users
  • Easy social share actions for any Android app via Twitter, Facebook and email
  • “Hottest Apps” rankings based on worldwide Android app mentions on blogs like and Twitter, with results updated several times a day

In addition to our new Market search tool you can find our reviews with partner Android App Market viewers websites like AndroLib, mPlayIt Android Arcade, and AppBrain! With each of our reviews are quick links to AndroLib and AppBrain app listings. In reverse you will find AndroidTapp reviews on the respective websites. Expanding a greater level of Android app discovery before downloading or buying.

This integration is powered by AppStoreHQ, a mobile app discovery platform for iPhone and Android. Give our Android app search a try!

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