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Programmer – still the most demanded profession. Why?

I haven't written a singe line of code for the last 5 years but I went through hundreds of IT vacancies for software programmers. That's why I'm still “in fashion”. I affirm, this the best time to be a programer. What does “the best time” mean for me? It is a huge combination of various tasks, a wide number of small software companies and a considerable part of big ones greedily looking for IT-staff and of course competition for human resources. To be honest, the actual situation reminds me the period between 1997 and 1999 in USA, when taxi-drivers were leaving off twisting their steering wheels for learning during evening courses Java /VBA / SQL and went to work for companies that were waiting for them with open arms.
Since my focus is mobile industry, I officially announce, there is a colossal demand for programmers (and it doesn't even matter what they exactly know, it's enough to be at least eloquent about the matter):
- OS Mobile producers need staff for Software release without delay (“raw” releases became the scourge of the industry)
- producers of mobile phone applications have an increasing necessity of resources to backport applications to various platforms such as Android which is going to beat OS and then, hope WinMo7 will compete as well. Also it's too early to forget about Blackberry.
- producers of usual “cloudy” applications need to adapt their systems for mobile devices.
- producers of mobile devices, despite the trend towards standardization of platforms (finally!) are still competing for the best customization of standard platforms (this is about Android, in fact). What is needed for that? Of course programers and designers.
- mobile operators (or companies working for them) enormously necessitate qualified resources to create new applications and systems integration.
The biggest problem of start-ups now is to find at least some developers, since previous categories of employers (let's be honest) took as much as possible from the not so wide workforce field.
Today is the perfect time to be programer or designer of mobile interfaces and not the best for start-up organization where you have to take a lot of money from investors to support the growth of your company while programers' salaries are ever-increasing.
So choose the right profession and be "in fashion" :)
By M. Kraynov

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Comment by Alessya Revenco on November 8, 2010 at 7:41am
It’s quite an interesting and tempting way to be “fashionable”. But taking up the profession of programmer and honestly sticking with it requires the ability of being on the cutting edge and this is achieved only by constantly learning, assimilating knowledge by all means, being conversant with everything that is trending and marketable; thus keeping pace with the high tech environment. I’m just afraid that you scarcely come across such people nowadays….

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