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Here are my top six favorite Android Apps (so far...)

1. Thomson Reuters News Pro: This is a great news app that has a great interface. It is great from browsing the headlines for that day.

2. NetCounter: This app allows me to keep track of the data I have used, both on WiFi and Cell.

3. Pandora: Simple app. Nothing special. I just like music a lot.

4. Google Goggles: I have wasted hours playing around with this app, trying to find it's limits. I don't think there is a ton of practical uses for this just yet, but the implications of "search by photo" is immense.

5. ASTRO: This is a great app for accessing your file system. It also allows for interaction with certain types of media (ie: photos, videos, etc.).

6. Robo Defense: If you are ever wanting to waste time playing a great game on your Android device, check out this game. This futuristic castle defense game is very addictive and lots of fun.

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Comment by Uki Dominque Lucas on February 26, 2010 at 10:14am
I am not heavy on trying new apps unless I need them, but here is the list I use the most:

1) Facebook to Contact List integration (I know it is not an app)
2) Google Calendar integration
3) Nimbuzz (all IM services I ever had, needs improvements)
4) Pandora
5) gTasks
6) Google Sky Map (cannot wait for summer in Arizona)
7) Dolphin browser (multitouch, needs improvements)
8) Facebook app (needs a lot of improvements)
9) camera video export to YouTube (not an app, but awesome)

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