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Chicago Android Event Sponsorship Levels

  • silver sponsor $150 - pays for breakfast (bagels and coffee)
  • gold sponsor $500 - pays for lunch
  • platinum sponsor $1500 - pays for venue or speaker's fees

  1. prime spot to speak and represent your company (silver 3, gold 5, platinum 10 minutes)
  2. posts that will reach 500-850 followers on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook "Chicago Android XYZ event was sponsored by Your Company LINK" (silver 3, gold 6, platinum 12 posts)
  3. banner Eventbrite invitation (silver, gold, platinum on top)
  4. banner space during the slide presentation (silver, gold, platinum on top)
  5. physical banner space at the event - banner provided by you (gold, platinum) 
  6. Forum "thank you note" on that will stay on TOP of (gold 1, platinum 3 days)
  7. Custom email campaign to over 700 developers - email content subject to approval (platinum)

Please let us know how we can customize this plan to fit your particular needs. 
We accept Android devices, venue, food and drink giveaways in similar fashion.

Send payments via PayPal to

Our average weekend events are about 8 hours, about 80 to 150 registrants.
Our average weekday events are about 3 hours, about 20 to 50 registrants.

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