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Why Isn’t Netflix on Android? Not Secure Enough To Suit Hollywood?

"Netflix says it’s because they can’t get a secure enough DRM system across Android devices to mollify the studios."

Here is my limited knowledge take on that:

The iPhone/iPad does not have removable storage so they can cache movies in the memory, on Android they are facing the issue of how to buffer the movie. Since you can easily access the SD Card, they really have to secure the files from pirating. 

But honestly, Netflix in browsers was written in Microsoft Silverlight, they have Microsoft developers in-house -- I think they simply did not CARE about Android until now, iPhone/iPad demand warranted that platform, but otherwise they got caught by surprise with Android. 

Please let us know what you think. I cannot wait to watch Netflix movies on 7 inch Android tablet.


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Netflix is using Silverlight to stream. So by default, Windows Phone has netflix done from the release date. Same with xbox console. Afterwards, it's the matter of demand and figure out how to re-encode a movie you want to watch on the fly from already streaming sliverlight stream. So the demand goes to apple's product line. My assumption is that it will come soon enough.
On Windows and MacOS Netflix is using Microsoft Silverlight (before it used Windows Media streaming). Microsoft "supports" Novell in creating open-source version of Silverlight called Moonlight. It works fine for simple Silverlight-based pages. But it won't play Netflix on my Ubuntu... DRM's a fault here.

But it seems like Netflix must be using some alternative streaming format for other boxes. I doubt it uses Silverlight on iPhone/Wii/PS3. It probably uses some well-known video codec and encrypts the video with default DRM available for these platforms.

I agree that Android's popularity must have been a big surprise to them. Hopefully they roll out an app soon. It would be awesome to watch Netflix movies on the train.
Probably correct on the overall interest in the app until the Android Marketshare peeked. At least it's on it's way now.


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