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Hi all,
I've published an article that lays out a case for why I believe Google will push to stop the Android juggernaut with Chrome OS, and what will come from it.

I would love to hear your perspective.

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Very smart post Jason!

I was worrying about positioning of the Android and Chrome, too... I noticed the they are already much more willing to sponsor our Chrome events lately.

Having been using Android tablet with WiFi connection only, I realized that I do like SOLID NATIVE applications a lot.

Also, the biggest complaints from users of our ONLINE-CONTENT-ONLY apps are... well, that they are ONLINE and fail when 3G fails.

I know we will be able to build in OFF-LINE functionality into our Chrome apps, but that is like a bad taste deja-vu for me.

I invested years into Google Web Toolkit, we will see if at least that comes handy some day soon.
Agreed, the native apps look and feel much better. You see this even when you compare Android Gmail to web-based Gmail on the device. The former is slick, the latter is slow and clunky.

Yes, Google has been pushing offline webapps for years and years now, but this is still many years away before it becomes a reality. In the meantime, Android will continue to lag behind its competitors, who have explicitly decided to focus on the App market and are pushing developers down this path.


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