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I have been playing with the AV cable for my Galaxy Tab and I got a well functioning Google TV.


I am still waiting for Netflix to migrate from Google TV to handheld masses.


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Some a little bit sad news. It's a tradition already that every year CES gathers hundreds of thousands of technology enthusiasts from around the world to Las Vegas to see the newest and greatest products. But this time we won't see too many powered Google TV devices. Why? Probably in order to avoid a major disaster Google took a rather wise decision to not present an unfinished product and reveal it at a later date. Toshiba and Vizio will not be demonstrating their lineup of Google TV compatible devices. Vizio will just organize an off the show floor demonstration to a small group of viewers.
One more obstacle for Google's delay could be the fact that many of the major networks including NBC, CBS, ABC and Hulu all blocked streaming content to Google TV users.
So now it seems like Google needs to concentrate most of its time on improvement of both, its software and its relationships with Hollywood

My Use of Google TV is limited to watching Netflix movies, for which it is very good, but then Wii can do that, too. As long as there are no 3rd party apps (and experience) for Google TV the use will be limited.



Here is a article "Google TV is failing, 10 reasons why":

Google has added a new filtering option to software submitted to Android market which is going to be like predecessor to the download store that will be on Google TV. The new option will check whether the application requires a touchscreen or not, as touchscreens you can find on the smartphones, but not on Google TV devices such as Logiteck’s Revue.


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