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Now, when every day we get bigger and bigger variety of tablets on the mobile market – users are interested – what size of the tablet is better – 7-inch – as most of the tablets have or 10-inch – like Apple’s iPad.

So let’s try to find out and name few main advantages of each of them.

10-inch tablet.

  1. It looks like regular computer when it comes to watching videos.
  2. Web surfing feels normal – like on desktop screen.
  3. Easy to work with such applications as presentation software, spreadsheet editors, and email clients.
  4. User can touch-type like he is using regular PC.

7-inch tablet:

  1. It’s easy to hold tablet in one hand and do things on it with other hand.
  2. User can do many other things while working on it – like walking through the gallery, inspecting constructions, recording drug dispensions, etc.
  3. It is good for game-playing, casual email or personal video playing.  

But if to say in generally – both tablets are very good in their own ways. And it all depends on a person – what size he or she prefers and for what target. You can easily put 10-inch tablet into your backpack or purse. And 7-inch tablet can find place in your purse or pocket. E-book readers, playback apps and calendar apps work very good in both sizes as some other applications.

So it doesn’t matter what size your tablet has – the most important is does it work well and does it suits to your requirements.



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