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VoX Launches the "World 500 Plan" for 500 Minutes of Calling to 60 Countries for $5.95

VoX Launches the "World 500 Plan" for 500 Minutes of Calling to 60 Countries for $5.95

World 500 Plan Users Can Also Add A Telephone Number From 57 Countries For Unlimited Inbound Calling

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Nov. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Pervasip Corp. (OTCQB:PVSP), a cloud-based voice and video communications solutions, apps and services provider, today announced a new calling plan for the VoX Mobile app. The "World 500 Plan" provides subscribers 500 minutes of calling to 60 countries for only $5.95 per month.

When combined with the new international number capability where consumers can select a local number in 57 countries, consumers in over 50 countries can now use the VoX Mobile app to save money on their mobile telephone calls while maintaining a local phone number.

With the added international calling plan, VoX now offers:

-- 500 minutes per month of calling to anyone in the contiguous U.S., Canada
and Puerto Rico, plus 60 additional popular countries such as Brazil,
Canada, China, Israel, Mexico and the United Kingdom;

-- Low monthly fee of $5.95, without a contract;

-- Add a local number from 57 countries for $9.95 per month, with unlimited
inbound calling;

-- Unlimited calling and text messaging to other VoX customers;

-- Voice mail and premium calling features.
Combining the two products ($5.95 World 500 Plan and $9.95 International Virtual Numbers), consumers globally will have the ability to have unlimited in-bound calling, 500 minutes of outbound calling with no contract, and a local number all for $15.90 through the VoX mobile app.

Mark Richards, CIO of VoX, noted "VoX is the first mobile VoIP app to make available unlimited inbound calling for mobile phone users from 57 countries, even when they are away from home, positioning VoX as the most feature rich global virtual network provider for mobile VOIP calling. This further supports our vision to make VoX the world's local phone company."

VoX Mobile app users can download the World 500 Plan from Google Play, purchase a virtual number from one of 57 countries, and enjoy unlimited inbound calling from their friends and family. A list of the 57 countries is presented to the subscriber when the app is downloaded and is available on the VoX website.

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