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There are two meetings that might be of interest to Android developers:

1) Downtown Computer Club of The Chicago Computer Society

    Creating Android Applications

    Thursday, February 23, 7:00-8:30pm

    National-Louis University
    122 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago IL Room 5016 (5th Floor)

    John Mahady, owner of Andrew Information Services will introduce you to understanding the

    market for Android smartphones and what it takes to develop applications ("apps").

    The marketplace for smartphones concerns:
         -- Why make your software an application rather than a mobile website
         -- Why develop on Android versus iPhone
         -- What makes a desirable app
         -- How does it change our lifestyle as consumers and businesses

2) Arduino w Ed Bennett

    Sunday, February 19, 3pm – 5pm

    Pumping Station:  One

    3354 N. Elston Chicago IL

    Enter by black door in middle of block

    [Arduino is a microcontroller that can be used with Android devices to monitor and control

    instruments and machines (RC models, robots, and others). I do not know if interfacing with

    Android ADK, NDK, or Open Accessory support (or none of the above) will be covered. AJK]

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Thank you for information about Arduino meeting. That is something I want to look at closely.

I wish I could go to Pumping Station, but I am going to Poland during that time.

More information was given yesterday by the presenter of this workshop:

There will be an intro-level Arduino class next Sunday 2/19/12 from 3-5pm in the big room. The emphasis is on understanding circuits and hooking stuff up.

This will be a 4-part series or so. There are 10 seats available, but observers are welcome after the 10 seats are filled.

I’ll have a kit for sale on site to get people started. Price is $29.00. It has a board, chip, USB adapter, LED’s, and a couple of other things to get you started. Because I’ll be packaging the kits for the occasion, I ask that if you attend, you purchase the kit.

I’ll take reservations by email and payment for the kit on site or by Paypal.

The first session (2/19) basic description is:

  • How to Solder: Solder up an Arduino workalike.
  • How to run the Arduino development application on your laptop.
  • Basic Arduino program structure. Run an LED. (Hello World blinky).
  • Show where the built-in examples live in the IDE. Run an input example and an output example.
  • For inspiration, demo a couple of circuits with an Arduino and some connected hardware.

That’s probably all that will  fit in two hours.
Future sessions may discuss Arduino-compatible accessories, motors, simple sensors, and so on. There are many possibilities.

Who: everyone (members and non-members are welcome), seating is limited to 10 people

Cost: $29 for the kit. Email ed at kineticsandelectronics dot com to reserve and to arrange payment.

Thanks for the update.

The second part of Arduino w Ed Bennett is on Sunday, March 4, 3pm at Pumping Station One.  This workshop uses the Arduino built during the previous session.


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