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Top 5 of Best best phones by Consumer Report are Android

Save gained some extra attention for deciding not to recommend iPhone 4, even though it ranked the phone very highly. With iPhone out of the picture, Consumer Reports’ recommendation list was always going to be about Android devices. Here is how Verizon phones were rated.

(Source: droidness)

The top phones offered by other carriers were also dominated by Android phones. Interestingly enough, the iPhone has scored very high in Consumer Reports’ latest ratings. But don’t expect the site to back down and recommend Apple iPhone anytime soon.

Reading people's reviews, we can see, that most of customers agree with the article. Droid phones are taking over other phones.

What do YOU think? What phone do you prefer?

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Awesome news!

I am surprised Evo is not there, with the extended battery pack I think it is the best phone made.

Can you post the same ranking for tablets soon?
I think I will provide such a rating for tablets very soon.
There are a lot of rumors in the Internet. I've read that HTC will bring us tablet in Q1 2011, hope it's true


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