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Today, when Internet is the greatest source of information for every of us, social media has become just an indispensable tool for marketing and advertising.

You need to be very clever if you don’t want to get “Unlike” and “Unfollow” even from your real friends. You will lose them very soon if you will try to sell them something, broadcast them too much and waste their virtual time.


Here are six tips to become successful in Social Media

  1. Become interested in other people – notice their content – what are they are interested in
  2. Risk – speak with your real voice
  3. Be real – tell your story
  4. Be selective – select the best Social Media for yourself and focus your power on it
  5. Be unique – don’t copy anything, show your real unique face
  6. Listen to other people – communicate with them
  Watch interesting video about Social Media Revolution on Youtube

It’s not so easy to get social media return, because you need to develop good relationships with your followers first. There are some typical social media mistakes that can fail all your business:

  • Pushy Sales Strategy that kills all the trust with your audience. Don’t spam it!
  • “Buy Now” Button that can be OK in an email, but social media requires more personalized messages
  • You’re Not Asking for the Sale – give your followers easy and convenient opportunity to become your customers.
  • You’re Not Properly Using Lead Forms – create communications strategy that will help you to identify your leads’ interest in your business.
  • You’re Not Providing “Decision-Making” Content – it should distinguish you from all others. That will help your leads to identify you among all competitors

These tips will help you to enlarge your network and make your business successful. And the main rule is “Don’t sell, but provide value!” (Uki Dominque Lucas, founder of Chicago Android)


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The article was updated with new ideas about how to develop your social media network.
Here’s a great example of how Avaya turned a Twitter interaction into a $250k sale by listening to and engaging with potential customers.


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