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Chicago Android arranged last week for a free 30 days’ access to Thumbplay Music, and we hope everyone interested has sent a note to to get a trial account — this amount of freely-available access is not publicly available.

Update:  The Thumbplay team released this morning into Android Market a new build that offers offline playback, which allows you do download and store albums and playlists onto your device for airplanes and offline situations.

Also in the new build is a desktop widget for controlling your music without having to launch the app.  It enables play, pause and skips between songs both forwards and backwards.

This will be out last reminder around our Thumbplay Music offer, so be sure to send a blank email to

Unlimited, On-Demand Music
on your PC/Mac and Smartphone.

  • Millions of Songs
  • Import iTunes™
  • Auto-Sync
  • Playlist Genie
  • Favorites
  • Listen Offline

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