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It is quite a long time since mobile battle between Android OS and iOS has started. It seems like now it becomes more and more serious. Both companies consider themselves as the best and biggest comparatively with their competitors.

According to mobile ad store Millennial Media in November both – Android OS and iOS  - managed to take over 38 percent of the month’s mobile impressions.

If to look on the top 30 mobile devices list - we can see iOS outnumber Android with its all devices. But if we unfile all tablets and take into consideration only smatphones – on the first place there will be Android.

When we come back to the top 30 mobile list, we will see that 13 devices of 30 are Android-powered. The first place is taken by Motorola Droid with 37.6 percent and right after it – Samsung Galaxy S with 9.3 percent.

It’s difficult to make a final conclusion since when it comes to smartphones with iOS and Android OS – it is obvious that Android beats iOS. But when we count all devices such as Apple iPad – then iOS is on the top.

This battle will continue between these two OS. The most interesting question that coming up is who will succeed to win customers’ love, what in fact is the most important?



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