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I would want to thank Google Corporation: David Byttow (California), Jason Gessner (Chicago), Don Schwarz (Chicago) and Kim Bea (Chicago) for helping in organizing this great event and providing in-depth coverage of Google Wave and discussion about Google Buzz. 

I want to thank to Todor Krecu for a thought-provoking presentation about social apps and to Juan Bonfante for showing us a super cool Flash slideshow that was gesture-controlled from his Android phone. Also, thanks to Jason Shah and Richard Li for helping me answer  some of the more challenging Android questions during the workshop.

As far as Chicago Android community, this conference was a total success, thank you for attending! We had a presentation for Android with the room packed to the max with people sitting on the floor, windows sills, etc. After the lecture we had most of people completing the workshop assignment for several hours and writing their first own application that was using barcode scanner and Google Books API service. I have never seen so many people finishing the workshop on any of the conferences I have attended in the past! Thank you!

Please take a look at the photos and videos as well submit your own. We also want to see screenshots from your own Android apps!

Please leave your comments, be kind!

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Hi Uki,
Thank you for organizing the Google Wave and Android conference @ Google, Chicago. It was a lot of fun and learned a lot. My special thanks to all the Google presenters and organizers for sharing cool stuff coming to Wave and the office space. Looking forward to attending more such events in the future.



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