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I had a chance to compare Evo and my own DROID side-by-side and I gained much appreciation for Evo.. I made the comparison based on what interests me the most: 

1) typing a lot of text (emails, SMS, chat, stories)
2) viewing of the websites

When compared in horizontal mode, DROID is a king of typing with its physical keyboard.

When kept in portrait mode, Evo is doing much, much better, but still it has much less text visible (about 75% of what DROID can show)

Evo's software keyboard is a lot better that DROID's. 

DROID bright screen packs more content (854x480) vs. Evo (800x480), but it seems not to matter, Evo is much more enjoyable as a browser and of course it is much faster.

My conclusion is this... for media consumers Evo is BETTER, for people like me who type a lot, DROID is still a preferable option.

I hope Motorola will make a future DROID with (in order of importance):

1) good physical keyboard

2) front facing camera for video conferencing

3) 4.4 inch screen

4) long battery life

5) screen 960x600 pixels, or even 1024x600 pixels

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Hey Motorola folks.. anyone can get me DROID X?

It will pay for itself in marketing I will do, I promise!


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