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My friend showed me how to "unlock" my DROID and totally messed it up in the way.. hence instruction how to reinstall the image:
  1. Download the image zip Android 2.1 (ESE81)
  2. Copy the file to your phone's microSD card and rename it to
  3. Power off your phone, may need to remove battery for 10 seconds
  4. Restart and hold down the “X” button on the physical keyboard for 10 seconds
  5. When you see the "!" symbol, press "volume up" and then "camera button" 
  6. OPTIONS: 
    • TO INSTALL NEW IMAGE: Use the D-pad to navigate to “apply” and select it
    • OR try select "wipe data/factory RESET" option then select Yes to wipe out all data, if image is corrupt it will not work
  7. Select “reboot system now”.

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The phone was "bricked" and did not go past the Motorola logo after starting.

I followed the instructions above (yes, again) to reinstall the OS.


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