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Plexon™ - 10" Touch Screen Tablet PC - WiFi - Google Android 2.1 Platform review

  • Android 2.1
  • CPU: ZT-180, 1.06 Ghz
  • Memory: DDR 256 MB
  • LCD display: 10.2" TFT digital display,1024×600
  • Wireless Type:802.11abg
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Max. battery time: Wifi on: around 3 hours; Wifi off: around 3.5 hours
This tablet collected many different opinions from different users – both good and bad. Some of them are totally disappointed with it considering it just a waste of money and would never advice anyone to buy it. However some expressed a rather good opinion saying that’s what they really wanted and would even propose it to others.

We’ll not define it as good or bad, with more pluses or more minuses. You are the one to decide whether to buy it or not. One thing is certain, better check twice before taking a decision.


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