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Everyone would like to get a smartphone with best features and functionalities. And with today’s huge variety of operating systems it’s hard to make a choice among them. VMware is working on the ability to run dual OSes on single phone. The company already has some prototypes with multiple OS. There are different attitudes towards this option. Microsoft says that it sees no demand for the technology.

Nevertheless VMware has already found at least one like-minded company. It got partnership with LG, which is going to integrate VMware’s virtualization technology into some of its smartphones next year.

The virtualization will give the opportunity for IT departments to sell employees on giving up their personal phones in favor of a secure, managed, corporate-provided alternative. Two OSes, two independent lives and only one of them can be controlled by your job. So employees will be able to choose whatever smartphone they want and to have their personal and work profiles on the same phone.


Watch the video LG VMware virtualization of Android at YouTube


Via LG Newsroom , Engadget

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