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Internet marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing adopted by different businesses. Through this medium, you are given the opportunity of effectively managing your marketing campaigns and at the same time you can also target potential customers. Many businesses today prefer this medium of marketing over all the other mediums such as ads on television and newspaper. There are many factors which have clouded the other means of marketing and advertising. As we know that there is a large population of Internet users worldwide so obviously people spend a lot of time on the internet for different fruitful purpose. As we know that there are many social giants such as Facebook and Twitter which offer a great platform for advertising and marketing.

A few years ago, I didn't even know about Twitter and Facebook. But now, I realize that these social websites become very important in the life of children, students, and what is more serious - for business. 

So, you can advertise your product here, earn money, and these social networks earn money maybe not less than you.

Twitter is taking a page out of the paid media book of tricks — but with a social twist.

Witness, the promoted trend. Some of you who still make your way over to may have noticed that at the top of the trending topics
list, their is now a little yellow “promoted” box. According to a
trusted source, this slot is purchased for 24 hours and as of right now,
is selling for somewhere in the $100,000/slot range.
While little data has emerged about the success of these promoted
trends (or the accompanying promoted tweets), up to 80% of the
advertisers who have tested promoted trends and tweets are repeat

Twitter also has a third product called recommended accounts which they
plan to dial up over the coming months (beta tests with select brands
ran in September). These accounts can include people, companies and
services. What is good about this last model is that it fulfills on the
promise of marrying social media (an annuity) with paid media (ongoing
costs). It will also put pressure on companies to get strategic about their bio, picture and quality of their tweet streams.

Coming Soon

Where things could get really interesting is when tools like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are fitted for these same types of paid media opportunities.Probably Tweetdeck’s launch of their latest version that includes real time updates
is signaling a tighter integration between Tweetdeck and Twitter . It’s this kind of integration that will prevent
Twitter from being disintermediated from itself by the ecosystem of
tools and clients that have cropped up over the last three years.

As for me, you can make your business successful in social networks without paying money to Twitter or something else. You can find a lot of interesting articles, tips how to get followers in Twitter. Next time we will discuss some ideas of how to make a great marketing in the Internet. The best rule for it is as the founder of Chicago Android Uki D. Lucas says "We don't sell, we provide a value" In this case people want to follow us, to be closer to us, and we don't need to pay them for it.

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