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New year have just started and we have already some big news about Android. One of them is that there will be one more participant in Android race now – and it’s Bargain Electronics company Vizio. The company that is one of the leaders on the American  TV market now is ready to enter the smartphone and tablet market. Their aim is to bring smart mobile devices to the masses. Both devices – Via Phone and Via tablet  - will be available for customers for attractive prices through various retail outlets such as Walmart.

Company is going to present its devices on the CES that starts on Wednesday in Las Vegas, while the official announcement may be in less than 24 hours.

Here are some details about tablet and phone specifications.  

Via Tablet:

-         display – 8-inch;

-         front-facing camera;

-         HDMI out;

-         Wi-Fi;

-         Three speakers.

We still don’t know when Android version will be on the tablet. There are some rumors that it can be Honeycomb.

Via Phone:

-         display 4-inch;

-         front-facing camera;

-         back camera: 5MP.



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