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Why: Gives you a chance to get out of the house and work in a different location. Bring your laptop and a project to work on while chatting with other devs about specific problems and the industry in general.

Who: Anyone (but especially indy developers) in the Chicago area that are into coding for mobile apps.

What platforms:  All platforms. iOS, Android, WP7, WebOS. We are hoping to "cross-pollinate" ideas across the mobile app spectrum.

What's so experimental?: We don't know if it really provides value for developers from the different eco-systems to get together. Thus the title "experimental".

When: Thursday, April 7th starting around 7:00 PM and going til ??

Where: Upstairs at the Dominick's Cafe - Corner of Higgins and Cumberland in Park Ridge. Exit the Kennedy at Cumberland going north and you are there! Also, you can walk there from the Blue Line Cumberland station. (Last stop before O'Hare.)

Cost: Free! Just show up and maybe buy yourself a beverage downstairs.

Questions: Contact Walter at 773-575-2842 or email at

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How this this go. I just saw the post. Will you do this again?

It went well. We mostly talked about the business-side of app development, and the Chicago scene in general.


We have 2 of us that are committed to regular Thursday night meetings for at least the next six weeks (ending May 26th.) At that point we will decide if we will keep going over the summer.  


Feel free to stop by any Thursday at 7:00PM in the meantime and check it out!


If you are interested we started a Google Group Mailing list:

or watch for our twitter tag #nwcdev






Wow, that's a little far out there... do you know of anyone doing this closer to the Loop?

I do not, but why not start your own group?


Just find a location that will welcome a handful of coders with laptops and blast out a message.


P.S. The #nwcdev is working on a possible open source project. More details if things work out!

Hey #nwcdev, I'm down here on the south side, but am totally interested in gettin' outta the house and geeking out with some fellow Droid coders in a non-work-related environment. Send me a private msg and let me know more! ---




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