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It is well-known already that popularity of mobile devices is increasing daily. People use their phones in some cases more often than Desktop computers, so they expect to have the same level of opportunities. Technology world works on improvement of mobile devices everyday – multitasking, 3D interfaces, and increasing battery life. To complete more tasks faster multiple core CPUs should be used.

According to NVIDIA whitepaper, they are going to provide Android devices with quad-core processor in near future. At the moment we are looking to upgrade our phones to dual-core CPU, but more powerful processors are not far from us already. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang officially said that Tegra 3 is almost done and they are working on Tegra 4 now. Mr. Huang even promised that “every single year, there will be a new Tegra”. So, let's see what powerful Android devices we will get in near future.





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