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Since this is Android development forum, I will start from the bad news.. at this time there is NO way to install your own applications on the device:
  • No Android Market
  • Eclipse does NOT recognize the device
  • downloading APK via Web display message "Install blocked: Installation of downloaded apks in not supported."
  • copying APK files via USB to device does nothing
I hope that will change soon and someone "leak" the hack how to change that.

Having said the negative I have to say that I LOVE the device:
  • great form factor and beautiful design
  • perfect size to sit on pockets, jeans and jacket
  • great screen size and relatively good response
  • good reading of books and magazines
  • good browser experience
Things I wish for:
  • installation of my own applications (in Q1 2011)
  • native Android implementation of software not scaled down Flex Air
  • Netflix movie playback, in browser (Silverlight) or as an app
  • offline notebook application for writing articles

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I have tried putting Launcher.apk on the SD card and typing:


I got the pop-up message:
Install blocked: Installation of downloaded apks in not supported.



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