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New devices from BenQ and Samsung in first quarter of 2011

Seems like first quarter of 2011 is going to bring to Mobile world a bunch of  new devices that run Android OS.

For example, BenQ is planning to launch the R100 Android based tablet in the first months of 2011. Main characteristics of this device are:

-         Android 2.2;

-         Display: 10.1 ";

-         Resolution: 1024X600;

-         CPU: 833 MGZ Samsung;

-         8 GB onboard storage;

-         HDMI out, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mini USB.

One of the most interesting characteristics is that this tablet has 12 hour battery life – what sounds really great. Also company wants to combine digital content deals – including ebooks and magazines. For now there were no words about pricing.

Another big company that is going to launch its new device is Samsung.  Manufacturer is going to unveil new smarthpone that runs Android 2.2.1. For now this phone has no name. But it will have great characteristics and one of them is that this phone will have Verizon
branding and will be LTE capable. Also it will have the TouchWiz UI overlay, judging from the color of the battery icon. However it will not come with the in-depth Bing integration like previous Verizon's Adroid devices.



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