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Yesterday HTC officially announced another Android phone that will be landing to the European market. HTC Gratia is basically the international version of the HTC Aria, released by AT&T back in June. Aside from having the same specs as the Aria, the new handset will run on Android 2.2 and will be "a rich and elegant addition to Android's smartphone portfolio".

The device is expected to come next month and will feature:
- Android 2.2 OS
- 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen
- 5 MP camera with autofocus
- 600 MHz processor
- HTC Sense UI (not the new version)

Probably these specs will make you pass the HTC Gratia, but it might be a great present for a friend or a family member, now with holidays approaching. The device will be available in three different colors: forrest green, black and white across European markets from November 2010.

While there were no mentions about the pricing, it wouldn't be too expensive, considering it's not a high end device. Would you consider purchasing this compact Android device?


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