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With the Nexus One on the market I was wondering if and when I should switch to Nexus One, all of our fellow Chicago Android developers got their free DROID at the GTUG conference we organized. View EVENTS for the next one (shameless plug, I know).

Quick comparison (winner is in BOLD type):

CPU power: Nexus One 1 GHz  vs. DROID 550 MHz

RAM: Nexus One 512 Mb vs. DROID 265 Mb

ROM: Nexus One 521 Mb vs. DROID 265 Mb

SD card: both upgradable to 32Gb. Nexus One 4Mb vs. DROID 16Mb

Keyboard: both have virtual. Nexus One virtual vs. DROID virtual and physical

Screen size: Nexus One 480X800 vs. DROID 480x854

Screen qualityNexus One OLED vs. DROID LCD

Please post your comments and suggestions.

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