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So I finally got MotoACTV Android watch and I am very happy I did!

My first impressions:

  1. It is expensive, but then if you compare to any good watch it is reasonable.
  2. It is actually fashionable, and trust me I am very sensitive to how things look
  3. Music feature is very good, I have hundreds of my best songs synched with my iTunes (not sure why not Google Music)
  4. Radio rocks, I can listen to my NPR on the go.
  5. Weather notifications every 4 hour hours are very useful.
  6. Seeing SMS messages is very cool
  7. Seeing who is calling is very nice, but somehow I cannot answer, even with factory speaker-phones, cannot call back either (is it a bug?)
  8. I am not much of exercise freak, so in my opinion there is too much stress on sport aspect. This is a really cool watch for anyone, really.
  9. Wrist band is very good quality and it looks good, too.
My wish list:
  1. I set my watch face to "Skull" I think it is cool, but really, do you have any designers in there? There should be at least 2 dozen of watch face designs to choose from. 
  2. I watched Motorola official YouTube that the watch should wake up with a handshake - I did not experience it, would be nice.
  3. I would like API to send 240x240 pixel images to the watch as notification background and have clickable hot areas to press on to create a "pseudo UI" similar to what happens when someone calls. I need to investigate more, but I think it is not possible now.
  4. I want my Google Images sync.
  5. I want my Contacts Phones Sync with ability to call.
  6. I want Google Maps with advanced caching
  7. I would like Motorola to send us (Chicago Android) an engineer to talk about writing apps and plugins that support MotoACTV
  8. I want a version of app to run on my Galaxy Tab 7+ in addition to my Droid.

Good job Motorola, I hope the support will be good and I hope to write some good apps for it.

ChicagoAndroid, let me know if you have one of these and plan development.

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The only descriptions of APIs are here:

Cutting lawn grass is a workout as well!

Rooting the MOTOACTV:

Since Motorola does not want to release API for at least notification plugin (like the Weather plugin) I think the only sensible thing is to root it.


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