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MobileX Conference - What's Next in the Mobile World - April, 15

Starting from Keynote with Brian Wong - the youngest person to ever receive funding by a venture capital firm

Uki D. Lucas, Architect at Sears, founder of,  will lead Android Developer workshop, talking about mobile OS not only for phones at 11 am at MobileX



Stay tuned!

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Breakout sessions will start in 10 minutes at MobileX conference.

Uki D Lucas speaking about future of mobile at MobileX, the android workshop is coming next


Mobile OS beyound just phones and tablets - by Uki D. Lucas

Uki D. Lucas - Work surfaces might be almost everywhere. In couple years we may see smart billboards interacting with you through nice messages while driving. 3D cameras, 3D displays, 3D modeling. Inspiring shopping. NFC phones are out waiting for retailers to populate the store with NFC readers. MobileX Conference


I'm looking forward for all of these!

Advantages of an eBook app for authors:

  • splash ads
  • in-app sales of other books
  • social sharing
  • Facebook
  • comments
  • ability to follow Twitter #


Android developers are happy with Sears squeeze balls and other shwag from Uki D. Lucas


Robert Babcock, The AppCast - App Store Trends:

Lai Lau, AT&T - Platform Landscape for Mobile Application Development:

Keynote Talk - Brian Wong, - Mobile Entrepreneurship:

Photos from @mXnation

Uki D. Lucas, Chicago Android and Karim Varela, AT&T at MobileX Conference

Praveen Alavilli, Paypal - Mobile In-App Payments on Android Platform:

James Burns, Mobiltopia - B2B strategy in mobile applications:

Android developers're hard working under the lead of Uki D.Lucas. New Android apps coming up soon!

Madison Hamman, Mavizon Technologies - Growth of a Mobile Startup

Summarizing of technical track at MobileX -

Karim Varela, AT&T Developer Support, Sam Soffes, Scribd, William Steele, Microsoft, Praveen Alavilli, Paypal, Chris Judd, Judd Solutions


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