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Article: "Microsoft Exec: Tablets Are Just A Fad"


Microsoft Phone 7 is not even a fad, whatever.

I believe a 7 (my preference) to 12 inch HD tablet which can be paired with a small wireless keyboard and a mouse (bluetooth HID) will be a TOTAL replacement for a laptop for traveling businessmen, salesmen and many others as soon as good business software shows up.


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I am using 7 inch Nook Color with Android Honeycomb on it, but I would love a 12 inch tablet that would fit in my bag and a small keyboard, this way I wouldn't have to carry the laptop plus additional bag. My opinion is that bigger tablets are more appealing to women as we have to carry handbags anyway, and having a big screen is definitely a big plus. As for men they will have to choose either to sacrifice the screen size and pick a 7 inch that fits in men's outfit pockets, or carry a bag, tablet support.


It is not a question of fad, it is a question of price, if it was low enough everyone would have one.


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