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  • front-facing camera for video chatting (like Evo 4G)
  • solid and beautiful design
  • multitasking (not fully like Android, but good improvement)
  • best display of any device on the market 960x640 @ 326 ppi !!! Yes, iPhone4 is better than my DROID's 854x480 which was the best until now, Evo 4G is "only" 800x480.
  • I am really excited about Apple iBooks (Android will use Amazon Kindle software). I don't think I am getting B&N Nook unless they update from v.1.5 and open for development
  • Yes, of course I am getting one! And yes.. Android will catch up within a couple of months.

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Android is actually still way ahead -- it's the Android hardware manufacturers that have to catch up...


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