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"Insufficient storage" Adobe Flex Air and Twitter are biggest offenders

I don't have hundreds of apps installed on my DROID, just essentials.

A few days ago I went to the presentation by Kevin Hoyt from Adobe Flex team and I got very excited about the progress Adobe FLex made, so I installed the Flex/Air apps.

Since then I started to get the pesky error messages "Insufficient storage", I went ahead and uninstalled everything that I don't use, but I could not get rid of the error. 

Finally, it came down to the decision... to delete Twitter or Flex Air since they are 2 biggest offenders. 

Air lost at first, but Twitter's head was next for the guillotine.

Twitter app takes ridiculous 30Mb of memory and I am switched to Twouiteur from LevelUp Studio which I hope may have better memory management.

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