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Instagram's impressive achievement - a million users!

Instagram is probably one of the first apps that gained over 1 million users in such a short period of time – three months. Even twitter, the so powerful platform, needed about two

years to achieve this number.

Right after app’s launching it was clear enough it would show great results considering the service got the first 100.000 users in less than a week.  What’s the secret? A key to such great growth was app’s international access being popular not only in the USA, but also in contries from Asia and Europe.

On the last weekend the company presented few new features – two new filters and seven new languages,  what opened new gates to a lot of foreign users.  According to Kevin Systrom’s words, the Co-founder of Instagram,  the first things to concentrate now upon  are API and then of course app for android, what's waited by lots of users.

Comments however differ so much from these great results.  You can notice lots of opinions of people who don’t like it, don’t believe in its big future considering it just a stock of photos with lots of filters. Well, time will show. For now I really envy such results and I'm waiting for Android version.


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