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Is there information about obtaining advertisers for ad-supported apps and for APIs or common techniques for including ads in apps?

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Well if you're getting a lot of people using your app, AdMob ( is one to try out. It's fairly easy to implement in apps, has lots of documentation, and serves ads from advertisers already in AdMob's network (Google advertisers). I've used this before and it was fairly easy to do so if you want to go that route.

There are other companies that provide such services, like for example, which specializes on adds and in-app purchases for mobile games, and the the income is much higher than adMob.

Thank you for sharing that one.

Do you have a list of, and know of any other ad services that you could share and recommend, that serve ads in banner format. For example, for simple banner placement in certain spot in a mobile app? (like is another similar).   Maybe can do this style too, though not sure from Web site.


Will try out sometime soon. Sounds useful in achievement situations, in mobile game as you say.  It looks like style of ad/achievements.  Have been in touch with so now looking in to how their service works as well.

certain spot

Check out  It's something that has been launched by AdMob and allows you to set up rotating ads from many ad networks.  I'm currently using AdMob and plan to switch to AdWhirl to try out several different networks and see which have the highest eCPM.


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