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Hello Chicago Droids!

I am trying my best not to spam our members, but I have few announcements to make.

  1. "Google Technology User Groups" changed name to "Google Developer Groups", hence we are called officially "GDG Chicago Android" which includes ALL Google technology folks.
  2. On October 10 we will have a good event coming, please register on EventBrite if you did not do it already, see EVENTS section of the site.
  3. I am getting a lot of jobs for Android developers requests and I have hard time finding people willing to take them. Most of positions are LOCAL jobs in Chicago. Let me know if you are looking to change things in your life.
  4. If you are looking for developers POST in JOBS section of We also have Fb page and LinkedIn pages in the header of the site.
  5. I have developers asking me to TEST and RATE their apps, I am asking friends to do the same, not easy. I am thinking to create a sub-group of mutual-adoration club for developers. Favor-for-favor. Let me know if this is a good idea.
  6. We are working with a new chapter of GDG from Chicago West Suburbs, events are coming soon.
  7. Please spread the LOVE, if you see any posts from us: do LIKE it and re-post it. We have 750 members, there could be a lot of noise happening! Be proud to support GDG Chicago Android.

Thank you for you time, I hope each one of you responds to this email! :)


Uki D. Lucas

Mobile: +1 (650) 260-4854
Skype: UkiDLucas
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#5 is a nice idea.

A group for APP Testing would be great. So many new devices hitting the market, its good to know if your app works on the hardware and what it looks like.

I add FLURRY Analytics to my apps so that I can get some great testing stats - notably what devices users have.

Happy to test apps and provide feedback if users are interested.

No such thing as enough testing...


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