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We would like to call on Chicago local groups and bring them together to see what we could do with Android platform for control for electronics. If you are involved in one of the following, please let us know:
  • home automation
  • custom electronics
  • DIY and fabrication projects
  • Andruino and other hobby chipsets
  • robotics 
  • manufacturing automation

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Here is an example of using Android to control a garage opener via Internet and serial port and relay.!

I would do it with bluetoooth Andruino chip and a relay, but still it is an interesting set-up.
I would love to see more discussion, training or tutorials regarding this. I have been involved in custom electronics and projects.
Here is Arduino group on -
Hi, I'm still working on some Projects referred to Home Automation and Car Management using Custome Electronics components...

I'm really anthusiatic on the obtained results and now I'm just studing Android to connect this one to the still Applications created...

I hope to reach first target (Android Interfacing to Home Automation Application) in the early 2011 and would like to find some partners in USA.

Best Regards,
Ciro Rizzo
Here is one more example of using Android device for home automation. You can control lightening, climate, security etc from your phone. I think, it's really great opportunity.!


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