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Google is about to have dual-track plans for Android devices. According to some rumors, the forthcoming Honeycomb OS might be running only on the high end tablets with dual core processors and high resolution screens. And the new Gingerbread OSwill be available for the lower end products. So device manufacturers are alittle bit confused with the news, because as we can understand not every device will be able to support the newest version of Google OS.

If the reports are true, there may be some updates to Android 2.2 and 2.3. for smartphones with single-core processors and low end tablets, but Honeycomb will be specific to powerful devices with great specifications.



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Its not true at least from what I am seeing in the android embedded dev group  mailing lists..


If you want to see where its going look at when/where 2d/3d composite changes are happening pertaining two use of the GPU in SGL and OpenGL on android OS..when that gets finalized in code than you will see a CTS change of requiring a GPU..etc..



This rumor about dual-plans can now be put to rest. Dan Morrill, Android Open Source & Compatibility Tech lead, stated on his twitter account that all described hardware requirements for the Honeycomb weren’t true. All of that can be called just recommendations.

See,I told you they are making recommendations for high end devices just as they did before G1 came out..


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