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Logitech Revue with Google TV is overall a very good product. Please take a look at this pictorial first glimpse and don't forget to post your own impressions.

The Logitech Revue Google TV comes in the attractive packaging, first thing you see is  the keyboard with integrated trackpad and D-pad. Batteries included and installed. 

The unit itself is pleasantly designed with additional external IR receiver which works great if the keyboard will not reside in the direct line-of-sigh with the unit, which may be hidden in the TV case.

The system set up, including updates and setting up your Google account went without major problems. For large families setting family Google account may be a good option with photo or accounts. There is is no calendar, nor email applications included, but it is a matter of time.

When using the track-pad with your finder you are expected to click the BAR on the track-pad, not OK button on the D-pad (with arrows).

I was a little frustrated before I figured out the above, but once I got it, it was all smooth sailing.

The keyboard doubles as a handy replacement for your TV remote control. Very nice.

Installation of the 3rd party Android applications over the Web is NOT supported, here I was trying, but failed to install "Children TV - videos for kids" which would be a perfect app for Google TV for my daughter.

Included Chrome Browser works well and display pages correctly as expected. 

Netflix plays movies perfectly, very good experience, which shows that Netflix for Android exists, but it has not been released to Market -- I cannot wait!

I managed to crash CNBC application immediately.

Included Anazon Movies On Demand are way too expensive with $3.99 rentals and $14.99 purchase (digital). Sprint movies on my Galaxy Tab are cheaper, yet still too expensive.

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