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Join us for the welcoming event for T-Mobile Android G2:


  • free beer, social mixer
  • G2 introduction - T-Mobile
  • G2 specifications and technical info - Google
  • VIP presentations, TBD (free)
  • 1 minute pitches by Android development companies (free)
  • 3 minutes pitches - silver sponsors
  • 5 minute pitches - gold sponsors
  • 10 minute pitches - platinum sponsors
  • Q&A mobile development panel
  • free beer, social mixer


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While the T-Mobile presenter claimed the G2 "was dual core" (I asked his colleague next to me: "really? Are you sure?" - he didn't appear sure, he just said "apparently") - it is not... at least not in the snapdragon-core sense. The Qualcomm MSM7x30 _is_ a packaged device with a _single core_ Scorpion CPU (Snapdragon), but has a lot integrated on chip. You can read more here:


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