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Google Checkout for Android Market not supported in your country?

Recent article "How Google is actually holding Android back" describes how the lack of support for Google Checkout in many countries prevents developers from making money from Android applications. 

The obvious solution would be that developers release free apps with advertisement support or some payment system built-in, but that may not work in all cases. Some apps make sense only as strictly business-at-premium.

Chicago Android would like to extend an offer to release such apps in USA on profit-sharing basis that would be very favorable to the application creators. 

The benefit to the creators from all over the World would be the publicity your applications would get on our Website, even more so because is Chicago becoming the center of Android development.

Also, next year, Chicago will be the location of one of the biggest Mobile Expo in the World and you want your application represented.

If you have ideas for applications and you would like to cooperate with us, or just to receive recognition on our site, contact 

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