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The beginning of this week became really important and valuable for the whole mobile world as two big events took place - launching of a new OS - Android 2.3 that we all impatiently waited for and presentation of the first phone with Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS – Samsung Nexus S.
So let’s now have a look and see what new Google has prepared for us. We’ll start with the most important features:

1) Faster speed. Before launching this operating system Google promised it would be the fastest version of Android. Now we just need to wait a little and see if it's true or not.

2) Better battery life. According to Google, Android will “take care of your battery life – if notices that some of your applications take too much power from your phone”;

3) “Manage applications” tool.  This settings area lets you easily see what app consumes exaggeratedly your battery and manually force-stop if something is going wrong.

4) Updated user interface and namely: 

- updated color scheme; 

- new keyboard with a smart “autocorrect” function and multitouch input;

- improved “cut and paste” function; 

- easier file management (you can access and manage every file downloaded through any program); 

-  better camera management that allows to multiply cameras to front and rare-facing lenses.

This is not all. Gingerbread will support new technologies such as:  
- Near Field Communication (NFC) chip;
- Internet calling;
- Lot’s of sensors (new Android can read lot’s of new sensors such as gyroscopes and others);
- Extra-large screen size.

And the last question that we need to answer is when Gingerbread will be finally available for us. So the big day for all Android lovers will be December 16 in USA and December 20 in UK.
Eager to try it? Me too. Meet you later with new comments on it. 

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