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We are planning an event, and a showcase, of Android and Python community to show the most useful scripts that can be run on Android device.


Python scripts may not be the best tool to write applications for general market, but they are wonderful toolset for a scientist to do to their job: collect and calculate data, fetch and send info to server, adjust the script on the fly (on device) as needed. Any science lab, field agent, or poll collector could use a set of such scripts.

Criteria for judging (there will be worthwhile prices):

  1. Usefulness: not necessarily to public, but to creator. It should serve a clear purpose.
  2. User Interaction: use of standard widgets for input and handling of bad data
  3. Web interaction: an app without calling some (public) API is simply boring
  4. Simplicity: easy to understand and adjust to the needs of the user

We are looking for your feedback about this idea in comments below, we will also need a couple of Python experts to join the judging panel.

To run Python scripts on your device:

  1. Watch this YouTube on installation process
  2. Download: Python3ForAndroid_r6.apk
  3. Open the app, install Modules (pretty simple)
  4. Download: sl4a_r6.apk
  5. Run included Python Scripts and try to modify them!

If successful, we will try to post the script examples here on Chicago Android.

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