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DROID with keyboard...

I asked the question if we need a physical keyboard on the smartphone to many users.. many said no, we don't - I disagree.

I use my DROID keyboard for hours every day. Yes, I can type the same message using on-screen version, but that is not as fast and it does take a lot of my screen space which I rather keep for the text I am working with.

For now I will keep my DROID until I find a replacement with the following features:

1) much faster CPU: DROID feels fast to me, my iPhone 3G is very slow
2) forward facing camera for video conferencing via Skype, iChat, etc.
3) larger 4.3 inch screen with at least 960x600 resolution
4) big, easy to type on phisical keyboard 
5) laser scrolling, I like the D-pad, but I could sacrifice it for larger keyboard)
5) Standard 4 Android buttons that are not as easily pressed by mistake as in existing DROID  

DROID 2, of what I know about it, does not fully meet these criteria and I would not spend money for it as replacement. Front-facing camera is a deal-breaker in this case.

Please compare the two photos of the same text being typed, the difference is very evident!


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