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We are witnesses now of how popular Android becomes and how it is implemented in the whole variety of different gadgets – smartphones, tablets, etc. But Vidtonic came up with the idea of completely different use for the Android - HomeBrew IPTV Developer Kit that is going to be introduced at CES 2011.

This platform runs Android OS and is very interesting for developers as gives them an open field to work and create new interesting applications and bring them to the TV screen. So you can create your own television, powered by Android.

Vidtonic co-founder, Matt Miller, said that their vision is to encourage developers to work and create for TV platforms with the same enthusiasm as they are doing it now for mobile market.

New HomeBrew platform is going to be released in the 2nd quarter of  2011 with few early adopter releases in the 1st quarter. Also Vidtonic promises to open HomeBrew user/developer forums right during the CES.


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