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Each time I want to start a discussion of Android development I start searching the web for a place to post it. However, when I come to this location all there is are application posts or random news stories and no real location to post development questions or comments. So how about adding a development category?

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I use as it has a dedicated android section..
Yeah but Stack overflow is more of a Q&A site and I've been looking for more of an open discussion. Stack overflow is a great site for information.

I find that reading the discussions posted on Chicago Android are helpful to me for learning about the current and around-the-corner android powered devices, and I come to this site often for that purpose.  Given the wide variety of possible development discussions, I would hate to see the discussions posted about devices and trends get buried in development discussions.  Still, as a developer, I would also be interested in reading discussions relating to development.

Personally it just seems odd that the site claims to be a training and development community but outside of the actual classes that Uki puts on there there is no training or development going on. Thats not to say the classes aren't good. I started in those classes but I wouldn't mind some open discussion of best practices and design methods people have employed in Android.

Couple updates:

1) Chris just volunteered to spearhead the next session -- we will talk about details soon

2) I am organizing a "round table" for mobile publishing media: news, magazines, books, blogs. I will post on that soon.

3) I do not post technical stuff here for reasons mentioned by Arlene, but also because we DO have Google group at

Fair enough. That answered my question.


I'd be more than happy to be a part of the next session. I'll also push any technical thoughts/ideas to the google groups page.

And help would be appreciated.


I am torn between:

- my architect job in Sears,

- whole bunch of mobile apps I am doing,

- 2 Android classes per week,

- GTUG events


So often I just have no time, nor energy, to post articles, or come up with new events. If you have a piece of news, or topic you want to start, you are most than welcome to chip in.


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