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A new Flash Game Market survey announced that developers become more and more interested in programming games for Android OS. They are ready to make games for all platforms to get the greatest amount of users. According to the stats 10% of the developers are already working on Android, and more than 52% plan to do that this year.  That is a big step if compared with the 42% of the last year. And now developers adapt very quickly to the new leader in mobile world – Google Android.
Flash game development has impressively increased all over the world. About 97 percent of developers are male and 75 percent of them are under 35. According to the research, the most of them are usually from:

  • USA – 19%
  • U.K. - 8%
  • Russia - 6%
  • Canada - 5%
  • Ukraine - 4%
  • India - 4%
  • Brazil - 3%

If to speak about monetization, the main source of income is sponsorships (83%) and in-game ads. Developers are now more experienced and intelligent. 12% of them have been working with games for more than 5 years, and 63% have already made about 5 games. About 75 percent of games are made in less than three months, and 25 percent - in less than a month.
Most of developers are full-time employed – 60% (50% a year ago)

However, it’s not so easy to be developer and publisher. About 32% of developers made games that are played 200,000 times or less in their lifetime. Only a lucky and happy 3 percent have games being played more than 10 million times. Hope open Google Android OS will bring better results for the developers.



Reference VentureBeat

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