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Designing for Mobile, Tablets and more... - another great event organized by Uki D. Lucas and Chicago Android. It's a whole day conference that will start today at 9 am at Digital Bootcamp.

Experts in Mobile Web, iPhone / iPad and Android design from AT&T, Accolade Systems, Sears, Mobile Anthem, CyberWalkAbout will be sharing  real techniques, tips and best practices with designers, developers and entrepreneurs today.

Google IO 2011 Recap will be awesome dessert at the end of the conference.



09:00 (30 min) breakfast and social introductions 


09:30 (30 min) welcome note from SPONSORS : 

  • Jeffrey Epstein, Digital Bootcamp
  • Mike DiPirro, DVP Mobile eCommerce, Sears Holding Corporation
  • Natalia Cantemir, president,
  • Google, GTUG, Chicago Android


10:00 Presentations  (10 min. "social break" after each presentation)

(30 min) Natalia Cantemir, Art Director and President of Creator of over a dozen mobile applications will be talking about design tips for native apps.

  • techniques to create graphical assets for various size platforms
  • stretchable 9patch images for Android
  • Metro design

(30 min) Karim Varela, Developer Support, AT&T

(30 min) Jason Shah,

(30 min) Pek Pongpaet -

  • UX design for iPhone and iPad

(30 min) Lwin Maung Managing Director, Accolade Systems, Inc.

  • Android development with Arduino

(30 min) Uki D. Lucas, Android Architect, Mobile Innovation Group, Sears / KMart / Kenmore

  • creating graphical elements programmatically for Android
  • designing for Android tablets

(30 min) Travis Smith,

  • how mobile app design is disproving traditional usability axioms

(30 min) Hugh Jedwill, CEO, Mobile Anthem

  • understand market dynamics and their impact on your design
  • learn guidelines for utilizing human behaviors to design a successful experience

(30 min) Paul McCann, Instructor, Digital Bootcamp,

  • Responsive design for the mobile browser.


16:00 SPEAKER PANEL: Google IO 2011 recap:

  • World-Wide Google Technology User Group - updates
  • developing not only for phones and tablets: Google Accessory Development Kit & API
  • home automation: Google Android@Home, Project Tungsten
  • Google APIs - review
  • Google TV
  • Chrome OS
  • NFC - Near Field Communication
  • Q & A


Follow the speakers and attendees, and participate in twitter feed using #ChiMobileDesign



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