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Yesterday night, at the Chicago GTUG meeting, Ian from Google Corporation was presenting HTML5 and Chrome OS.


The culmination of the event was the announcement that everyone attending can pick up an new Google Chrome OS netbook CR-48.


For those uninitiated, GTUG stands for "Google Technology User Group" an official organization for Google Developers' events managed in Chicago by Uki D. Lucas, who organized over 24 events within last year.


This is not the first time Google suprised our members with generous gifts, earlier this year during our conference, also a part of larger GTUG, Google gave everyone a Motorola DROID phones, at that time the best device on the market valued at over $500 each.


The presentation of the new Chrome OS laptop was great and convincing, it started with unboxing for the first time the new netbook and entirely unscripted test run of HTML5 features.


We have great hopes for our community to get very excited and supportive in developing some great HTML5 applications that will run on Chrome OS and on WebKit based mobile browsers.


The question of Chrome OS vs. Android OS is still unanswered, but for now there is peace as CR-48 has the laptop form factor, hence not competing with Android tablets.


There is already a set of classes planned on Mobile Web, HTML5, Chrome OS, Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and Java Fundamentals in addition to our classes on Android.


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So far in my opinion the laptop makes a great bedside companion.


- read Google emails (most of my time spent)

- browse websites

- great feel of the rubberized case


- no keychain to transfer and save my passwords securely

- the powerpoint presentations when "viewed" are displayed in Google Docs and can be saved there, but lose a lot of information

- Netflix does not work (total bummer)

- Verizon 3G does not connect, so carrying it is not practical, hence "bedside" designation

- at work I have to use the "real" computer to program on, so it cannot be a replacement

- the video out port is ancient, I am not sure who still has monitors that supports that




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