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I am using the following setup:

1) DF-Bluetooth v3

on top of

2) DF I/O Expansion shield

on top of

3) Google DemoKit Mega 2560 connected via USB to Mac


I am loading the Arduino code to the board.

I am able to connect my Mac via bluetooth to the board.

I am also reading the Serial Monitor output from the board via /dev/tty.usbserial-XYZ.


I would like to see if we can put together a library of cool projects and code snippets to show how we could control things from the computer / phone (via bluetooth).


Suggestions and links are welcome.


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I have created an Arduino bluetooth car:

1) motor runs off 9V battery, D cell were too heavy for the small motor

2) I am using 5V battery for Arduino

3) the D2 and D4 pins I am using on top of the IO Expanshion shield are not well documented, see macro pictures

4) Parallex Ping untrasound range finder provides precise distance 0 to 330 cm




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