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Search for "Children TV" on Android Market, or scan the QR code on the right.


Children TV app is designed for kids 2-8 years old and for adults to learn languages the most enjoyable way.


Children age and multiple language selection as well as video rating is available in Children TV app!



If you have some suggestions, get in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter @ChildrenTVapp, leave a comment, we appreciate thoughts of everyone of you!






If you have NO Google Market use this link, or QR code to download the latest version:



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Now you can download it even if your device does not support Android Market:
Thanksgiving holiday travel is upon us! Whether you are driving, or waiting in the airport (for your full-body scan) this app will help you, and your kids, to pleasantly pass time. You can learn foreign languages, and your children can enjoy videos in their native tongue. The Internet connection is required via 3G, or WiFi to stream the videos.


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